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Shukufuku no Campanella anime trailer #2
This second trailer for the TV anime series Shukufuku no Campanella offers the first real glimpses at the animation that studio AIC is preparing for this summer's adaptation, based on Windmill's 2009 fantasy eroge with adventure and role-playing elements. The story takes place in Ert'Aria - "the city of treasures", where people are busy preparing for a harvest festival. The main character, Leicester, is an item engineer who belongs to an adventurer group called Oasis. One night when Leicester and his friends have a party, a shooting star comes towards them, falling down nearby. They rush to the venue and find a secret room, filled with a mysterious atmosphere and a girl sleeping in a bed. When Leicester looks at her face, she wakes up and says: "You are my Papa!". Her name is Minette and she leads Leicester and his friends to an adventure... « less
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Clip Data - Shukufuku no Campanella anime trailer #2

April 24, 2010
Duration   2 min 15 sec
Votes   2
Views   277
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Category   Anime
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