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HDTokitowa Story Trailer #3
Tokitowa is a fantasy RPG developed by Imageepoch for the PS3 and published by Namco Bandai, with 2D animations created by studio Satelight. The game claims to be the "first HD animation RPG", as the animated content extends beyond the cinematics, all the way down to the characters' movements and battle sequences in regular gameplay. The story revolves around an 18-year-old prince known as the Knight King, who marries a 16-year-old sorcerer princess named Toki, and the two form the kingdom of Kamuza. Toki learns from a fortuneteller that someone will attack the two during their wedding ceremony. Together, they go on an adventure in the world, along with Toki's pet Drake. The game is releasing in Japan on October 11, 2012, followed by an international release in 2013. « less
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Clip Data - Tokitowa Story Trailer #3

September 27, 2012
Duration   42 sec
Votes   1
Views   676
Clip Relations - Tokitowa Story Trailer #3
Category   Gaming
Product   Tokitowa
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